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It all started with a bit (binary-digit), the smallest possible storage space in a binary computer. Nybble - is defined as four binary digit or four bit data (or half a byte) and so the byteAmp’s Nybble; which gives you freedom to control, schedule and monitor any four appliances (upto 16A (amps)), exactly how you want.

The ideology behind devloping Nybble was to provide: Freedom and Control for a general purpose appliance..

What is FREEDOM?

The great Indian philosopher, Swami Vivekanand said, "All our struggle is for freedom. We seek neither misery nor happiness, but freedom, freedom alone."

A Nybble provides you the freedom to control and monitor your appliances, exactly how you want.
Let's say, you want to turn OFF the switch when your Laptop's battery turns 100% and switch ON when it turns 20% (consider your charger connected with the switch); Might be a challange for many developers to implement the entire system, but also a neccessity for most of them. And here we come with our ideology of Pure & Self customizable feature.
In another words, a Nybble can be configured with the unique API and can also be used for any further production.

and the CONTROL

We also provide you a GUI dashboard to control, access and schedule your Nybble.
The dashboard allows you to control the appliance in real time, schedule the appliances (once you have scheduled, you don't need an active internet for your device) and check the status of each of your appliances (check out the image below).