A WiFi based appliance controller, with the power of KALNIRNAY.

Control, Monitor and Schedule any of your existing appliance(s) over exisiting wiring.

Nybble, as the name says - half a byte or the group of four bits. ByteAmp's Nybble provides you, a group of four electrical ports; each with the capacity of 20A (Approx 4.4kW).

The electrical ports are to be installed right next to your existing MCB box (or switch panel).
Each of these ports can be independently controlled either through the touch panel or through the app.

With Nybble, you can schedule & monitor appliances in production-unit, classrooms & labs, corridor, boundary walls, streets, lobby, porch, godown, warehouse(s), etc.

"Karlo bijli mutthi mien..."


WiFi enabled

Connect to your existing WiFi network, with which you can control and monitor through any internet based device.


Schedule each of four different ports, with different days and multiple time. For additional control & security, touch panel is disabled when on Schedule Mode.


We are open for customization, for all your unique design and diverse requirements.






4 x 20A

  • No new wiring;
  • No new appliance;
  • Schedule your appliances, with independency of internet;
  • Synergy with manual operations;
  • Lock system on manual operation;
  • Friendly Graphical User Interface;
  • Ease in access, ease in use and ease in management;
  • API(s) availability.